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Mobile Occupational Therapy is a service that provides high-quality Occupational therapy at homes, schools or childcare centres. Gen Physio visiting Occupational Therapists are equipped with all the resources needed to complete a thorough assessment of your condition and provide the appropriate treatment.

The Main Benefits Of Occupational Therapy

It was unexpected. Your father called early in the day to tell you your mom fell from her bed and couldn’t stand up.

The hospital staff prays that she will be all right. After a hectic emergency department visit, she is eventually diagnosed with a stroke. Your mom is eventually stabilized and placed in a neurology unit. A therapist will arrive at the door in the afternoon.

This is how it all starts: over the next few months, you’ll learn about treatment on all planes, including at home, in rehabilitation hospitals, and outpatient clinics. Each therapist you come across is thanked at the end. Your mom has grown so much since those early days.

It’s obvious that after an injury or illness therapy can improve functional ability. What is it that makes Occupational Therapy so vital and valuable for a person’s health after a new diagnosis or injury?

Occupational Therapies Improve Strength And Endurance For Functional Tasks

Although exercise and endurance are common activities in therapy, Occupational Therapy is unique in its ability to analyze the cognitive and movement requirements of daily tasks and to creatively implement activities and activities to increase independence.

Creativity is a key ingredient in treatment. By providing novel and consistent activities to upgrade or increase the physical or mental demands of relatives, it can increase the effectiveness of global therapy. Additionally, it keeps patients interested and challenging!

Occupational Therapies Can Also Treat Visual Deficits

Occupational Therapists treat cognition in terms of functional necessity. What cognitive skills will you need to pay your bills, order items online and organize your daily calendar? OTs concentrate on using those skills or engaging in activities that require attention, problem-solving and reasoning to improve cognition to complete the necessary functional tasks.

OTs have a special focus on visual processing. They can offer insight into the more complicated issues that arise after neurological diagnoses. OTs can help with pre-driving skills, as well as perform driving evaluations (completed and certified by an OT to perform driving assessment).

Caregiver Training Is A Great Job For Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are not only great at caregiver training but they excel at this too! We are experts in helping caregivers, as well as individuals, learn how to live a happy, fulfilling life.

The OT will figuratively lead a patient and caregiver through every aspect of daily living.

Occupational Therapists Are Experts In Home Modifications

Occupational Therapists frequently offer adaptive equipment recommendations to patients. OTs are the best therapists for helping patients learn to dress properly after back or hip surgery.

There is an increasing number of adaptive products available. It can be difficult for people to identify the right products for their particular circumstances. An OT can help you select the most effective and suitable products.

Occupational Therapists offer home assessments to help address safety issues in the home. They can advise on bathroom organization and grab bars placements.

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