The clear aligner can be remotely monitored by an experienced orthodontist.

Patients do not need to visit their dentist in person for an exam and progress scans. Instead, patients contact their dentist via remote dental service.

The braces can be easily removed from your teeth at any time. This makes it easy to brush and floss. The braces are nearly invisible, unlike metal ones.

The byte is used to treat minor problems such as overbite, underbite and gaps between the teeth. To correct severely misaligned jaws, braces or headgear are needed.

1. Byte Vs. Night Alignment

It typically takes 3 to 6 months for byte Byte Clear Aligners to work. Treatment may take longer if the patient needs to improve. Byte offers two kinds of aligners, an all-day or night option.

However, science does not prove that night-owls pose a risk to your health. Night owls may cause more damage than good to your smile. A clinical perspective will show that if you wear it only for a few hours per day (less than 20 to 22, there are problems).

You have a greater chance of your teeth moving out of alignment every hour you’re not wearing braces.

Also, teeth that aren’t wearing a long-term, stable schedule may become irritated. This means that it will take longer for your gums to heal.

2. Byte-Aligner Treatment Plan

The three-step byte aligner procedure consists of:

Byte recommends you buy an impression set from their website. Once you receive your calibration kit in the mail the impression tray, smile extender, and putty will be used to take your dental impression.

You can then use the return box provided to send your impression back to the dentist. Delivery is entirely free.

You can return the entire impression kit if you’re not a candidate. No obligation is made to purchase an aligner if a candidate.

3. Make A Dental Impression

Be sure to read all instructions after you receive your impression kits. Byte includes a detailed booklet with step-by-step instructions. The entire process takes less than 20 minutes. These steps are part of the process:

Once you are satisfied with your first impression of the subject, repeat these steps for four more. There will be two top and two bottom impressions. Place all impressions in the impression tray. Return the box by sealing it in a prepaid envelope.

2) Aligner & Remote Control

After reviewing your dental impression, your orthodontist can create a custom treatment plan using a fully interactive 3D modelling and the Smile science program. This appointment is completely remote so you don’t need to visit them.

Remote inspections will be done during the treatment to ensure that your smile is healthy.

3) Brightbyte Whitening Treatment

If you wear braces longer than 20 hours a day, it might be worth whitening your teeth. Every treatment plan by Byte includes a BrightByte device. This is a triple-in-one foam cleanser that also brightens and freshens breath.

The following steps are required to use BrightByte for whitening:

  • Make sure your teeth are clean and you brush them regularly
  • Brigitte foam is added to the tray.
  • Spread the foam evenly around the interior of the aligner
  • Align your Teeth and Start Your Day
  • Retainers, resettlement

To keep your teeth in their place, you will receive a custom-made retainer after treatment. Byte offers reservations at no additional cost, which is unlike other calibration firms. The retainer is ideal for nightwear. They also include BrightByte (tooth whitening foam) and suitcases.

4) Retainers & Aftercare

After treatment, you’ll receive a custom-made retainer to help keep your teeth in their place.

The treatment price includes the first set of retainers. The retainer is suitable for night wear. They also include BrightByte (tooth whitening foam) and suitcases.