This type of pins-and-needles feeling is nearly usually nerve-related. Some individuals experience it during arousal or after intense sexual activity.

This is considerably different from a state of the utter absence of sensation.

If you don’t feel anything during sexual activity, you may require professional therapy for a more serious condition.

Typically, temporary numbness is not caused for alarm.

When it occurs after sexual activity, it is usually due to overstimulation or hypersensitivity of the genital nerves.

“Some people are really sensitive after having sex and dislike additional contact,” explains Expert.

According to Expert, post-sex numbness tends to feel more like tingling than numbness. However, it might feel somewhat different for everyone.

“This sensitivity can be numbness for others, which can be upsetting if your spouse wants to continue but you are unable of feeling anything.”


Let’s Be Precise: It Is Not Your Sex Object

You will not “break” your vagina by using a sex toy, contrary to any frightening rumors you might have heard.

However, stimulation from sex toys can indeed produce transient numbness following orgasm.

“Some sex toys, particularly vibrators set to a stronger or ‘higher’ vibration level, can create numbness before orgasm, making climax occasionally impossible,” explains Expert.

She reiterates, “This does not result in lasting harm. Turn the volume down and have some fun.”

It Is Frequently Associated With Underlying Stress And Hormonal Shifts

Menopause-related hormonal fluctuations can produce vaginal numbness or diminished feeling.

Expert notes that this is due to “reduced estrogen levels, which create thinner, drier, and less elastic vulvar and vaginal tissues.”

Stress may also induce numbness, especially if it is prolonged.

Expert says, “Sexual function is greatly dependent on what is occurring cognitively and unconsciously, as well as physiologically.”

High levels of chronic stress were associated with reduced genital sexual desire in vulva-bearing people, according to a 2014 study.

This was presumably the result of a combination of stress-related mental diversions and elevated cortisol levels.

It Might Be A Vaginal Birth Complication

The nerves in the pelvic floor can be compressed, stretched, or even injured during labor and delivery.

“Whenever a nerve or blood artery supplying the region is severed, a loss of feeling might occur,” adds Expert.

This will influence how sex feels, and for some individuals, this can show as tingling or numbness.

“The good news is that this situation often resolves itself over time,” she continues.

“Neurons regrow and blood circulation improves. This normally takes up to three months, but can take longer in bigger regions.”

Consult A Physician Or Other Healthcare Practitioner

 When clitoris feels numbthat is never truly normal until the patient can easily link it to anything like sexual activity,” adds Expert.

If you are worried or if the numbness persists, you should consult a physician or other healthcare professional as soon as possible.

They will undertake a physical examination to discover the cause of your symptoms and provide you with recommendations for future measures.

There are several possible therapy options.

The treatment will rely on the diagnosis, which will begin with a pelvic examination by a gynecologist.

If they suspect you have a herniated disc, a tumor, or nerve damage, for instance, you will be sent to a neurologist for more testing.

They can provide several workouts and therapies to help you restore feeling.

If the cause is stress or trauma, you may be sent to a psychologist or other mental health professional.

Your physician may also alter your medicines or prescribe Viagra, which dilates blood vessels in people of all sexes to boost sexual enjoyment.